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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding provided by the Department of Education to enhance the education of students who have been entitled to Free School Meals over the past six years, Looked After Children and those whose parents are in the Armed Forces.

At Ormiston SWB Academy, the achievement of all of our students is at the core of everything that we do, but this funding enables us to further enhance the quality of experience for students both in and beyond the classroom.

How much is the funding?

Pupil Funding is allocated to schools by financial year (April – March) not academic. The amount received by the Academy in 2016/17 was £475,000. This increase partly reflects an increase in the amount per head that the government pays, now standing at £935 per head.

The funding is only available to students in years 7 – 11; the Sixth form are able to apply for a separate bursary from the Academy should they wish to. 

How is it spent?

The attainment of our students is our priority, so the allocation of the funding reflects this.

Last year we focused on the key areas of providing curriculum support, improving attendance and behaviour and raising aspirations of our students.

Some of the money we have spent on training staff to ensure that they are up to date with the latest knowledge and skills to support students’ learning. We have also employed staff who will focus on targeted intervention in literacy and numeracy, on 1:1 and small group basis to maximise achievement.

It is important to note that the money, although not ‘ring fenced ‘ to a specific child, allows us to provide an integrated approach to benefit the learning of every Pupil Premium student. 

How will PP support students?

We intend to build on our successes of last year by expanding learning support strategies. We are in a position to be able to increase our curriculum support for students, providing academic coaches in the core subjects, increasing the amount and range of intervention targeted at pupil Premium students. For the first time, departments will receive an allocation of money which they will be able to use within their areas to support learning and provide opportunities for enrichment. Working with students, parents and carers ensuring attendance will also be a priority for us and we will also focus on reducing the number of Pupil Premium students who appear on the detention and isolation lists. As with last year, a focus on raising aspirations will underpin all of our work as we strive to provide the very best for all of our students.

Please select this link  to see allocated funding which was spent on Pupil Premium in 2015/2016.

How will parents know that it is working?

We track the progress of every student throughout the year. Regular data collections enable us to assess progress and focus specific intervention where needed. If your child is part of the Pupil Premium programme, he/she will be closely monitored by class teachers, form teachers, Heads of Department and Directors to ensure they are making the right levels of progress.

In addition to this, we aim to provide a rich and varied school experience for our students. A student voice conducted at the beginning of the academic year, highlighted a variety of enrichment activities that students wanted the opportunity to be involved in. The Academy will look to address many of these throughout the coming year. Please encourage your child to look out for them. We will monitor their involvement in additional enrichment activities, trips and visits that are designed to enhance their whole school experience.

We will report to you on Progress Days, however if you would like any information on your child’s progress, please contact their Senior House Leader. In addition to this, regular updates on the programme will be uploaded onto the Pupil Premium web page and be published in the newsletter.

Mrs J Bandurak is our "Pupil Premium Champion" and she will be delighted to support you with any specific queries.

Barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible disadvantaged students

Questions we would ask of all our students to find out what their likely barriers to learning are include the following:

  • Does the student have confidence in themselves as a learner?
  • Does the student have an average score above 90 from KS2?
  • Does the student have access to ICT at home (including a computer and Internet)?
  • Does the student have good literacy and numeracy skills?
  • Does the student have access to a good range of books at home and are they a confident reader?
  • Does the student have access to a quiet space at home to do homework?
  • Does the student aspire to gaining a College or University place?
  • Does the student have an idea of the type of career they would like to follow?
  • Does the student know which qualifications they need to gain in order to follow their chosen career route after school?
  • Does the student have a role model within the family that takes an interest in their educational achievement and career aspirations?

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